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Distributors Of High Performance Adhesives to Australia, New Zealand and Australasia.


Manufacturer of award winning hotmelt and waterbased adhesives. Industry leaders in packaging, woodworking, product assembly, labelling and converting adhesives


Manufacturer of high performance natural adhesives that are recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable. Experts in the production and application of Natural adhesives and coatings for the following industries including bookbinding, packaging, furniture and stationery products


Manufacturer of high performance specialty PU adhesives. Markets include flexible packaging, technical, textile and flat lamination industries and TPU ink binders


Manufacturer of superior quality adhesives, coatings, sealants and waterproofing chemical compounds. Industries covered include flooring, building, construction and other related industries.


Manufacturers of Swifttak membrane press adhesives for the 3d lamination (vinyl wrap) kitchen door industry


Manufacturer of PUR hotmelt and one and two component polyurethanes. Applications include in the automotive, construction, assembly, woodworking, textile and bookbinding industries.

Advanced adhesive technologies for many applications

High adhesion , high heat resistant, deep freeze board applications

PET washable label hot melt adhesives- easy removing to enhance recycling of PET

Vegan approved packaging adhesives (hot melt); Biobased (hotmelt) for a greener environment

Crop protection coatings to prolong the life of insecticides to reduce the amount used when spraying crops

Compostable adhesives – Polyurethane adhesives approved for Industrial composting

Low emission reactive hotmelt adhesives for improved transportation and operator environments

Non-hazardous natural protein adhesive that is nontoxic and easily recyclable, pulpable and biodegradable

Anti-graffiti coatings – (polysaccharide based that provide a thin coating protection allowing graffiti to be washed off without using chemicals


Unrivalled local adhesive expertise backed by global technical and regulatory compliance teams

Distributors Of High Performance Adhesives to Australia, New Zealand and Australasia.

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